Thursday, November 27, 2014

6 month update

So, in the past month the big news is I quit my job so I could be home with Harper. I'm doing some part-time work from home and she still sees Mrs. Jessica a one or two times a week so I can actually get some work done and a change of scenery for her. We've also been going to see Granny Pat once a week to spend time with her and help her around the house.

I'm actually writing this on her 6-month (1/2 birthday). But it won't be published until later next week once we get her check up stats from the doctor on Wednesday. She'll also be getting her next set of vaccinations and the flu shot. *UPDATE* She got her vaccinations and flu shot. She weights 15lbs 4 oz (34th percentile), 26" long (55th percentile), and her head circumference was almost 17" (65th percentile). Dr. Holly was very impressed with how long she can sit up by herself, that she has 2 teeth and is just such a happy baby. We don't go back until February and can't wait to see how much she's grown then.

In the past month, she's eaten carrots and sweet potatoes (she loves both of them) and I've made them both at home. She loves the sweet potatoes I've made but the carrots still have a lot of texture to them and she'll eat a bite or two and that's it. She loves the pears and apples I've made as well. I'm going to try to write another blog about how easy it is to make your own baby food, how much healthier and cheaper it is. She's also tried squash - wasn't a fan of it at first but has tolerated it I guess. Once she realizes that it's either this or nothing, she'll usually eat it :) She wasn't a fan of peas at first either but seems to like them now. Still doesn't like green beans though and that's crazy because I love them. She's also tried baby cheese puffs could probably eat a whole container of them if I'd let her. Just a few days ago she actually learned how to pick them up and eat them herself. Geez, she's growing up too fast. She's also had the baby flavored puffs (sweet potatoes and strawberries seem to be her favorite). She likes learning how to chew on these new foods. I think she's still teething and possibly her top teeth may come in soon. She's drooling like crazy and wanting to chew on everything so the puffs seem to help that.

She's also learning how to use a sippy cup. She's not crazy about it and I don't force it on her, just try it every now and then when she's eating solid foods.

She went to the Montevallo Art Walk right before Halloween and dressed up in her Snow White outfit. Everyone said how adorable she was... she pictures below. She also got some pictures dressed up as Snow White on the bricks in front of the President's home on campus. Then, she went to see Granny Pat and to the church for Halloween. We saw all of her friends and walked around the activities until she started getting tired and went back home. She's still too little for the games but I bet she'll be in all of them next year.

She's been in her exercauser a lot more lately. She is really playing with the things on it and has learned how to make it jump. Daddy likes playing with her in it and she just giggles at him. Her Daddy got really sick this past week and was quarantined to the bedroom so he wouldn't get me or Harper sick. Luckily she's just had a little stuffiness and snotty nose but not what he had.

We had her 6-month pictures made today with Mrs. Ryan out in Hueytown and even though it was cold, she did great! I can't wait to see them! She would shiver and her little jaw was just a moving, but she was giggling and we would take breaks to warm up in Mom's sweater. We did Fall and Christmas pictures so we will be able to order our Christmas cards soon. Yay for Christmas! We will start putting up our Christmas decorations soon so we can enjoy them and can't wait to see how Harper likes all of the lights and decorations. Luckily she shouldn't be in to them yet since she isn't crawling but next year will be a different story. She already loves all of the singing of Christmas music and I'm sure she will love the lights as much as her Daddy :)

We've been singing Doc McStuffins, Sophia the 1st, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse songs all the time. She "sings" with us and just smiles. She's such a happy baby and such a blessing. I am loving being at home with her more and so thankful I have this opportunity that I know some don't and wish they could. I am so thankful for Bruce working so hard so I can stay home with her.

Relaxing in the recliner

This is what she looks like every morning... such a smiley baby

Cutest Snow White ever!

Visiting Mrs. Leah

Picture taking at the President's home at Montevallo

Visiting Granny on Halloween

Watching Claire show off her Halloween costume

LOVE that sweet smile

Mom giving me a Mohawk in the bath

She loves that Sophie

Sitting up like a big girl

Got Sophie & her chew bracelet

Momma's girl!

Checking out the pack n play

Bundled up at our garage sale

Showing off the outfit I made her for Thanksgiving
Her monthly picture with Mike & Sully
Pouty face at the doctor's office (she just had gas)
Me & Harper at her check-up
Photo shoot for her 6 month pictures on her 6 month birthday


Thursday, November 6, 2014

5 Month Update


I celebrated my 30th birthday and this was the best birthday I have ever had because of this precious little girl. I also got my embroidery machine that I’ve been wanting for a while. I’ve been making Harper cute little outfits for Halloween and Thanksgiving. And I’m going to venture out and make some baby gifts soon for friends and co-workers. We went out to eat at Joe’s Italian with my mom and Wayne and Matt at the one by our house. I love going there because it’s close and not as crowded and still just as good of food as the one in Alabaster. We also went out to eat at Olive Garden with Dea & Bilbo, Jon and Patti, her boyfriend, Chad, Josh, Amy, Zach, Samantha and Granny Pat. It may have been my birthday but she stole the show :)

She wore her bathrobe for the first time and seemed to like it. Everyone thought she looked adorable, especially me and Bruce :) Since it’s fall and October, she’s been wearing some of her Halloween outfits. Dea and Bilbo got her the cutest Halloween kitty dress that she wore to church (see below). She also went out to eat for Granny Pat’s birthday with Barbara Jo and Uncle Garry, Kathy, Zach and Samantha, and her boyfriend Zach, Josh & Amy, Patti and her boyfriend Chad. Again, she was the center of attention and had everyone laughing and cutting up. Then, we went to Homestead Hollow to visit our craft friends and see Dea and Bilbo. She was so good just walking around, taking everything in. She has also started giggling and trying to gurgle. I’ve videoed it several times because it is so cute and so funny. See video below.

She met her cousins (3rd cousins) Michael, Barbie, Evan and Whitney, who are from Missouri, at a party at her Great-Great Aunt Barbara Jo’s house. She also saw her other Great-Great Aunt Kathy, Great-Great Uncle Warren, Great-Great Uncle Garry, Cousins: Beth, Jeremy, Garrett, Riley, Julie, and Great-Aunt Patti and Great-Great Granny Pat J Had a great time spending quality time with family. No stats for this month but we can tell she’s growing. She still has some 3-month size clothes that fit but the majority of them are getting too small and I’ve been washing all her 6-month clothes while trying not to cry because my baby is growing up too fast. And to wrap up this month’s blog, she also cut her 2 bottom teeth at the same time. I think we’re working on the tops as well but the bottoms have pushed on through with just a little fussiness we had to go through.

Oh, and I locked Harper in the car in the parking lot of Target one afternoon. She was asleep, I put her in the car and the groceries, shut the door to put the buggy up and came back to the car locked. It was running and wasn't that hot, thank goodness. My phone was also in the car so I had to use a lady's phone to dial 911. A cop showed up almost as soon as I hung up the phone. You say you have a child in the car and they don't waste any time. Then, a minute later a fire truck showed up, and another cop. It took them maybe 5 minutes and they had the door unlocked. She slept through the whole thing, which is a blessing because I think if she was upset and crying I would have been even more of a basket case. She was fine and it'll be something funny to tell her one day.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

First time wearing jeans and it was so cute!

Bathtime is mine and Harper's favorite time of the day.

Dad & Harper telling me they love me "this" much!

Loving on her duckie

Lounging in her exercauser

First time in the high chair

Hanging out with Mrs. Jessica

Eating cereal for the first time and loving it

Sitting in my bathtub while Mom takes a shower (watching Doc McStuffin)

Trying to escape

How cute is she in her bathrobe?

At the Shelby County Fair

She didn't even notice the ducks were in front of her

Oh, wait there's a duck!

Snuggling with her lamb
How precious?

Starting to wear her Halloween attire - this is courtesy of Dea

Talking to Dad at dinnertime

Grocery shopping with Mom - she's in there somewhere

Giving a thumbs up to eating in the car

All smiles after Mom locked me in the car (she slept the whole time and the police had it unlocked in less than 5-10 minutes)

Giving Barbara Jo some kisses at Granny's birthday dinner party

Dancing like Taylor Hicks

Hanging out with Josh

"This cereal stuff is awesome!"

"I got this, Mom"

First time at Homestead Hollow

Dad can't get her to smile like Mom can

Hanging out with Bilbo & Dea at Homestead

Look at all those pumpkins!

Adelaide & Harper at the Grid Iron BBQ at the Hoover Met

"Blue button, green button, or red button... choices"

"Look at the cute outfit Mom made me!"

Another cute outfit Mom made me

Trying to figure out how to drive already

Sitting in the big seat in the cart at Publix

LOVE some carrots!

Talking to Granny Pat

Look at my teeth!

Not sure about this "brushing teeth" thing...

FAVORITE Halloween outfit... and truth!

Hanging out with Ace

and Aunt Ing

How cute is she in her little hat?

Got my first Highlights magazine

And my first Halloween card

Trying to figure out how to get the food out of this mesh thing